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Milk's Mission Statement

MILK was started to create a community for making, sharing, and enjoying comics. Its organizers are local artists and creators who want to cultivate a local community for connecting comic lovers of all generations. MILK Fest in September is a way for our community to physically connect; artists, creators, and makers, and their fans. We can’t wait to see you in September!

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Meet the Team

Hannah Profile

Hannah Hallman

Hannah Hallman is the founder of MILK and a local Milwaukee comic artist. Her goal is to promote small creators, and encourage artists everywhere to try drawing a comic. She was born in Minneapolis, and settled in Milwaukee after getting her BFA in illustration at MIAD. Her work includes her self-published graphic novel Lucky & Scary, the webtoon Swans & Cygnus she collaborated with her wife Hali Fisher, and a long string of zines and mini-comics since.

Hali Profile

Hali Fisher

Hali grew up on the icy plains of Minnesota before migrating south to beautiful, temperate Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s done work for various clients and has been featured in several anthologies. She and her partner have collaborated on the webcomic Swans & Cygnus, as well as self-published comic projects. During the day she dons a disguise and sells big two comics at a local Milwaukee comic shop.

Ham Profile

Graham Molg

Graham is a trans-masc non binary artist born, raised, and has resided in Milwaukee his whole life! (with a side of Florida) Lover of critters and sweet things he enjoys creating lots of work that will elicit joy!  He has a knack delving into all artistic mediums from stickers to comics to even vinyl figures! You’ll find he really loves bugs and lgbt+ media. 

Kim Profile

Kim Pham

Kim is a Milwaukee-born comics and manga fan. She has been staffing at conventions since 2016 and is excited to help bring a new comics-focused event to Milwaukee. Beyond her office job, she enjoys lettering manga for various English publishers and reading the latest BL webtoons.

Sam Profile

Sam Wilddaggers

Sam is a food and Spider-Man enthusiast and has been a Milwaukee resident for 10 years, she’s also someone who definitely loves to write bios. She has self published several fan comics and has been a part of many zines and anthologies over the years. She loves to make original and fan works and you can occasionally find her selling at anime cons.

Quinn profile

Quinn Blackshere

Quinn Blackshere is an enthusiastic and empathetic artist with a passion for storytelling through drawing. When not working on her original comics, Quinn is creating short films within Sugar Animation Studios or helping organize local events such as Milwaukee Zine Fest and now MILK. Creating opportunities to unite Milwaukee’s local art community brings her an immense amount of joy. Quinn’s work is whimsical, thoughtful, and often with a sprinkle of humor.

Milk Comic Fest

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